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Urlacher Unveiled Mining With Loki Kit

Urlacher Unveiled: Home Mining with Loki Kit. The Loki Kit by Pivotal Pleb Tech has made it easier for crypto miners to get creative and run various configurations of Bitmain S19 ASIC miners on 120V power, meaning home mining for these devices was made possible in US and other countries using this voltage.

There are number of products already available using Loki and single S19 mining boards to make a good space heater for the winter such as the BitChimney Space Heater and StealthMiner, but now there is a new interesting option available as well called The Urlacher.

The device is named after LuxOS engineer David Urlacher who first built this configuration, and is a triple hashboard Loki Rig with fully functional Antminer S19k pro that runs on 120V power at lower hashrate. We are working on a review of the BitChimney Space Heater already as we have ordered a unit a while ago and it has arrived, so we are already playing around with it.

The Urlacher is interesting due to the fact that it runs a regular S19k Pro miner with all of its mining boards at lower operating frequency to achieve high hashrate and high efficiency for home mining and it comes as an easier modification that can be quickly applied. No need to disassemble the whole miner to take out hashing boards or to build custom cases and it is easier to return the miner back to its original form that will hash at full speed with the regular non-120V power supply.

You can get the complete miner with the modification or just the modification kit to apply to your own miner if you have one, or you can build one yourself with just a Loki Kit, a Bitmain APW3++ PSU and some other accessories to connect and make everything work.

The Urlacher does 56 TH/s at 1200 Watts of power usage with 53 dB noise level, though you can play with settings to achieve different results as long as you fit in the total power capabilities of the power supply.

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